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Is the West baiting for blood en route to a 3rd World War?

Will Barack Obama, the Nobel PEACE Prize Winner, instigate a face-saving Third World War to make up for the resurgence of Russia as a world power under his presidency?

The overthrow of a democratically elected government in Ukraine has so far, been generally accepted as a CIA-sponsored affair. The interest of NATO in establishing a naval base in Crimea if a Western-friendly government was installed in Kiev has been rumored since the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. In the end, the projects have so far, all but backfired. The same can also be said of the desire of the West to overthrow Bashir Al-Assad of Syria to make way for a Western-friendly government. A western-friendly government in Damascus would no doubt, have rendered overt and covert operations against Iran far easier in the heat of the dispute with Iran over that country’s nuclear program. At the same time, it would have facilitated the displacement of Russia’s last overseas military base.

To disguise all these facts, Bashir Al-Assad is first painted black as a brutal dictator, who kills his own people. This is done by sponsoring and instigating public protests and allowing armed individuals to mix up with protesters, who then shoot sporadically, at security forces to provoke a clampdown. The clampdown is then conveniently protrayed in western media as the government killing its own people, who – even at that – are not American, Turkish, Saudi Arabian or Qatari people. In other words, the dog is first given a bad name to have it hanged by hook or by crook.

Obama’s detestation of outright war in marked distinction to George Bush and the Neo-Conservatives, meant a long and windy war that highlighted the resilience of Bashir Al-Assad’s forces backed by Russia and Iran. This in turn, led Barack Obama to deliberately turn a blind eye to the heinous crimes of the emergent Islamic State that was known even to the blind, to be sponsored by Saudi Arabia and operating from Turkey. The barbaric decapitation of innocent people in the name of puritanic Islamism was not enough for Barack Obama and his allies to obliterate the bandit of common criminals because they did not want to offend Saudi Arabi and Turkey but most importantly, because they hoped it would hasten the overthrow of Bashir Al-Assad. After all, the Islamic State was better armed and organized than all other rival rebel groups. Not even the nightmare of a chaotic post-Assad period seems to have alarmed the West.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia’s version of Sunni Islamism has always been in diametrical opposition to Syria’s and Iran’s Shiite version of Islam. The growing strength of Iran in the region has always been a thorn in Saudi Arabia’s flesh. After all ,Saudi Arabia prides itself with being the custodian of the Islamic faith given its key status as the destination for the certification of holiness and compliance with the faith. On its part, the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has consistently made no secret of his hunger for power, particularly regional power in reminiscence of the old Ottoman hegemony. A major role in Syria would take him one step closer to achieving global recognition as a regional power with no tangible benefit except perhaps, territorial gains in the event of the partitioning of Syria. In the end, the West led by the Americans, Saudi Arabia and Qatar driven by Sunni Islamism and Turkey driven by the quest for nominal power all converge on the common grounds of getting rid of Bashir Al-Assad as leader of Syria. A very curious, serious and strange undertaking indeed as Syria is an entirely independent and sovereign country that has precisely done not a single thing to these forces deciding its fate.

Today, the progression of the war and the involvement of the Russian Federation is now history.

Today, November 24, 2015, the Turkish Airforce claims it has


Satellite photo


shot down a Russian fighter jet for breaching a minimal portion of its airspace for a very brief moment (See tiny area in yellow dots as contained in this Turkish satellite photo released a few hours ago).

For now however, thank goodness, Russia seems (emphasis on SEEMS) to be downplaying the entire episode and does not seem to have much apetitte for escalated confrontation. This will however, not be the case if a second aircraft is shot down in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Now, many experts have no doubt whatsoever, that the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has the tacit backing of the Americans, who may not have warned him to be cautious in handling Russian border violations in a very tight and crowded space without demarcating international airspace. The Americans and their allies have always warned of escalation in the wake of Russia’s intervention in Syria. This has been difficult to imagine all along since the mission of the Russians has been largely greeted with approval by the world public opinion. When a Russian commercial plane was downed by terrorists over Sham-El-Sheikh in Egypt barely one month ago, the West gleefully murmurred quietly “We warned you”. This was, however, later drowned by the Paris carnage that seems to have shamed the West.

Now, someone seems to be wishing to up the ante through a proxy assault. After all, the Americans cautioned its personnel not to shoot down any Russian aircraft even if they come too close and the Russians did same to its personnel. Cautioning the Turks on same would have been even an easier task for the Americans and the collective NATO command. So far, no western country has made any comment on this potentially dangerous development that Vladimir Putin has qualified as a “stab in the back” by the collaborators of terror. That is a strongly-worded response in the face of heightened tension. It is no secret that shooting down a Russian aircraft is an extremist behavior that seems to test the extent that Russia may be willing to go. Simple warning shots could have as well done the trick in place of the outirght shooting down that was simply provocative in nature.

In the very unlikely scenario that Turkey is acting out its own independent script without the influence and instigation of other western powers, who badly want to get at Russia, then the blood-thirsty madness of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan should better be curtailed now and very fast too, before the conflagration takes an uncontrollable dimension. World peace has been badly compromised enough with the invasion of Iraq, Libya and the unwarranted turmoil in Syria.

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