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Did I hear the DSS right? Foreign Forces behind Sowore?



OmoyeleBy Frisky Larr

Extreme pettiness of unimaginable proportion. What else can any reasonable person call the statement released by the DSS regarding Omoyele Sowore? Omoyele called for a revolution. Who hasn’t done that on Social Media since the birth of citizen’s journalism? With a mentality of this sort, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Tai Solarin or even Gani Fawehinmi would simply have been thrown to the wolves and their lives wasted. Reports have it that Omoyele Sowore could not garner half of 100,000 votes through the whole of Nigeria in a presidential race. What followership is the DSS fearing so badly that will destabilize Nigeria and start a revolution of an implosive magnitude?

Truth be told. Everyone knows that there would have been scantily populated demonstrations scattered across the nooks and corners of the regions. The mobilizing force of the suicidal subsidy removal that former President Jonathan attempted at the wrong time cannot be equated with Sowore’s national appeal. Not even by one-quarter. The act that aroused the actions of all labor unions, Student Unions and very many more voluntary and non-governmental organizations can hardly be equated with the appeal made by Omoyele Sowore no matter the grassroots organizations he sets in motion on the ground. Just what revolution was the DSS afraid of?

Who are these foreign forces sponsoring Sowore? What special interests do they have in destabilizing Nigeria? Are they the same foreign forces, who hastily recognized President Buhari’s illicit re-election by the force of military might and reckless brigandage? Could they be the same foreign forces, who sought to see calm restored in Nigeria as quickly as possible and not a destabilized and politically restive environment? If they are the same foreign forces that triggered the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, assisted the Libyan insurrection and sponsored the birth of the Syrian civil war, I beg someone help me out here and explain what the DSS is talking about. What chance does Nigeria and the DSS stand against the political, financial, diplomatic and logistical clout of such foreign forces? How many foreign countries have so far called on Nigeria and the DSS to ensure nothing happens to Omoyele Sowore?

What potent threat did Omoyele pose in juxtaposition to a citizen, who issued the President of his country a 30-day ultimatum to implement Ruga nationwide or else? Why do we suddenly find ourselves in a dispensation in which the authorities are swift in baring its fangs against the expression of frustrations from a particular section of the country? Where have we ended with our much-revered President of integrity?

It pays much more to admit to an error and tender amends than standing logic on its head in the utter perversion of truth.

The truth right now is that Omoyele Sowore has been unwitting albeit needlessly and superfluously catapulted to the “next level” of fame under the watchful eyes of foreign intelligence and diplomatic missions stationed in Nigeria, thus facilitating an international dimension to the amateurish blunders. The truth right now is that everyone knows that nothing short of a revolution will ultimately save Nigeria from the selfish and egoistic grips of incapable vested interests that are bent on promoting their selfish interests. Omoyele or not, a revolution will happen in Nigeria and delaying the act will change absolutely nothing in reality.

Such a pity that extreme political neophytes with glaring leadership inexperience currently dominate the present dispensation. Their simplistic if not thuggish-style slogan seems to be “Go ahead, heavens will not fall”. The day heavens truly fall, I pray they’d be there to reap precisely what they have sown under the influence of whatever they smoke or drink.

(Frisky Larr is a political writer, analyst and author of several books)

2 comments on “Did I hear the DSS right? Foreign Forces behind Sowore?

  1. Pastor Joseph Asemota
    August 6, 2019

    Hello Frisky, am very proud of you. What can l say? Only the truth can set us free. But how many are ready to say the truth? That’s why l pray that by time you finish your assignment on this earth, it will be said “he lived and died for the truth”. God bless you. Pastor Joseph

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