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Why do Africans Often Fight to Secede and Never to Unite?


By Frisky Larr

From North to South, Africans have very much in common. In the course of investigating history for my book “Lost In Democracy”, I stumbled onto several scientific writings, which made very bold claims that sought to impress upon the reasoning mind that ancient Egyptians with their civilization and richness in culture and political tradition, were not Africans. After all, Africa excels only in primitivity and mental inferiority.

Thank goodness, though, there are many other racial-equality scientists, who have also been challenging this notion with verifiable and empirical scientific facts. Unfortunately, however, we, as Africans, hardly help issues. We commit ourselves to emptiness with strength and vigor, glorify invisible forces and powers and deceive ourselves that faith can move mountains while the rest of the world moves mountains with the power and forces of the brain. We commit ourselves to crimes, where others work hard to earn to earn a living. Statistical crime rate is almost always highest amongst blacks and people of African origin wherever there are blacks and people of African origin. Of course, there are and will always be plausible explanations for this deplorable situation, often based on marginalization and historical oppression.

Putting all that aside, it will be safe to highlight that the African continent, from North to South, has lived through centuries of shared identities and common values. In spite of the highly organized administrative structure of ancient Egypt, the indigenous folks were not only black (irrespective of variations in physiognomy and other physical features) but shared very much in common with the rest of Africa.

The system of government was absolute monarchy and the Pharaoh was a god-King. What was known as Pharaoh in Egypt was known as Oba elsewhere. They all kept slaves, conquered territories and performed human sacrifices in the commonly shared belief in the supernatural.

With the coming of western civilization, however, traditions were transformed across the board. Under the guise of redemption from primitivity, the lifestyle of the African was overturned completely. From political systems to education, from dressing patterns to feeding patterns, from family values to social interaction, from language to religion, Africa has been overturned completely. Every vein that runs through Africa, every air that the Africans breath have been systematically westernized on the understanding that primitivity was making way for a better life.

In all of these, Africa has never felt at home with the political system that the West imposed. Every desperate attempt to practice democracy in Africa has always been as artificial as the conman exploitation of western religion. Yet in election times, politicians throng to the palaces of traditional kings and natural rulers, who no longer hold political powers. They seek to get pronouncements from these traditional rulers, whose words are often more respected that the laws passed by the western-style legislative organs. It is not for nothing that traditional rulers in Africa are called “Natural Rulers”. Yet, they play no role in their continent.

Africa has intellectuals en masse. Harvard-trained, Oxford-trained, London-trained, New York-trained etc. but they never interact with the Lagos-trained, the Lusaka-trained or the Maputo-trained. Where is the indigenous African Think-tank to provide theoretical guidance to African politicians?

The political system does not work. It is misused for personal enrichment. Religious systems do not work. They are misused to enrich eloquent preachermen. The educational system does not work. It produces abundant educated illiterates in voluntary captivity.

The completely stupefied African folks do not seem to have had enough to stand up and fight to cleanse the system for the generations ahead. They do not stand up to wipe off the corrupt elite. They do not stand up to wipe out thieving pastors and con-artists.

When Africans stand up to fight, guess what they fight for. They fight for secession and call it self-determination. Whenever they succeed, the same old problem starts from square one. The corrupt elite. The non-functional and artificial DEMOCRACY. The tricky eloquent preachers, with high-end properties.

Is Africa cursed? Is there a solution?

Read my new book LOST IN DEMOCRACY. Read my journey through memory lane in the sampled history of African regions and the good and bad sides of western colonization. Read my proposal for a workable system of government that may take Africa forward. Join the debate.

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2 comments on “Why do Africans Often Fight to Secede and Never to Unite?

  1. Adekunle Oloke
    December 1, 2016

    The answer,my friend,is blowing in the air.The German Chancellor is seeking a fourth term,or so,an African ‘head or tail’,who does that is called names.They have re-mould/cast us from how God created and want us to be,to another being entirely,almost turning us to a Zombie through what they term diplomacy,democracy and ‘hypocrisy’,etc.It was this,that made MJ who was born a handsome dark coloured man,to die a ‘yellow skinned’,albino.We were taught that white has no colour while black colour is opaque.So,how come we refer to some as ‘white coloured’,and others as,’black’ going by that definition?Neo colonialism is part of the/our problem……..
    We should “sue our head”,as a way out of the myriad of setbacks you highlighted.

  2. Akintokunbo Adejumo
    November 30, 2016

    I think it is a genetic or hereditary problem. The African is still suffused with he mentality of the primordial. They still hold on to archaic traits like land, marriage, religion, tribes, environment. While some of our cultural values and traditions are ideals to prospers us and develop us, we have not been able to identify such and maximize them to our benefit. We are still groping in the dark, blaming colonialists who left us with some examples to develop on and are suspicious of anything that will better our lives, e.g. democracy. Like you wrote sometime, we are not ashamed of our plight. We don’t even recognize we have problems, so how do you correct the problems? So we blame it on others.

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